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one-stop Creative Services: Still & Moving Pictures | Voice. Music. Audio Post.
Making Media that Matters with Substance & Style
GOLD STREET we help A.M.P. our Client's Stories by connecting their Audience to their Message and Products using persuasive Words + warm Sound + beautiful still & moving Pictures. We can help YOU Plan & Write your Project/Content, Shoot & Edit Visuals, Record & Mix Audio, Design Graphics, and Publish & Share your content on your Web/Social platforms. What can we help YOU Create - Produce - Publish - Promote? | Click here for Portfolio | Click here to Visit New Website
GOLD STREET is an L.A. based Media Content + Production Co. created by Eric Michael Cap in 1999. We help People tell inspiring Stories that educate & motivate audiences and make a difference in people's lives & communities. We Love What We Do & We Love Serving our Clients with Excellence!
We Can Help YOU with Creative, Production + Post, and Marketing, either from scratch or any part of the Production or Publishing pipeline. We're passionate Producers & LOVE creating great content for our diverse clientele that includes:
* Podcasters/YouTubers * Education/Health Organizations * Leadership/Coaching Trainers * Small Business & Corporate Offices * Advertising/Branding Agencies * Beauty/Lifestyle * Music/Entertainment * Political Candidates/Committees * Local Government/Agencies * Independent News * Non-Profits & Churches. 
Here are some of the things We Do Best for Our Clients:
* YouTube Video & Podcasts - Content/Production
* Social Media - Content Creation + Marketing/Ads
* Voice Overs & Dubbing (ENG/Spanish) incl. Talent
* Corporate & Event Videos, Commercials, Promos
* Songs/Jingles, Music Production, Mixing, Videos
* Public Policy, Political Candidates & Campaigns
* Community - Non-Profit - Church Media projects
Campaigns/Production, Copy/Scripts, Project Mgmt.
Voice/Actor Casting, DP/Camera & Crew, Freelance Artists
YouTube, Event/BTS, Corporate, Web/TV Ads, Music
Studio & Location, Event, Photo Editing, In-Design Layouts
Adobe Premiere CC, DaVinci Resolve 15, Apple Final Cut Pro 7
Dialog Editing, ADR, De-Noise, M&E, Mixing 2.0/5.1 (Pro Tools)
English & Spanish VO, Animation, Podcast Recording
Songs/Production, Jingles, Recording, Vocal Editing, Mixing
GOLD STREET | creative media - Los Angeles
* Campaign Strategy/Planning
* Talent & Project Management
* Copywriting & A/V Scripts
* Audio - Video - Photo Editing
* ​​​​​​​Graphics Design & Web Pages
* Social Media Posts & Sch.* 
* Email Newsletters & Mailers
* Advertising (FB & Google Ads)
* Media News Releases 
Campaign Analytics/Metrics
Eric Michael Cap | GOLD STREET - Social Media content advertising marketing - los angeles
We provide flexible, scale-able product packages, with competitive pricing, to fit your custom production/campaign needs. Contact Us Today for a Quote! Please include your: project overview/brief, story/script*, target audience & outcomes, specific creative -talent - technical needs, budget-range & start/finish dates. 
We can only take on a few clients/projects at a time, so please contact us well before your deliverables/publishing deadline.

Be SEEN. Be HEARD. | Your Message - Your Market | English - Spanish

"Eric went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected in producing video and flyer design for my campaign. He was exceedingly inspirational, creative and knowledgeable not only about production, but also in the areas of content, delivery and marketing." - City Council Candidate
"Eric Michael Cap did an outstanding job producing a 10-minute corporate video for Family Promise. From concept to finished product, he was a pro every step of the way. The video required many interviews in a variety of locations, and he always put his subjects at total ease. And finally, he wove an incredible video tapestry that so clearly tells the Family Promise story through many points of view." - Mary Anderson-Harris / PR Consultant
"Eric is a true class act as a Producer/Director. I have worked with him on two music videos and he is a pleasure to collaborate with. He approaches each shoot with detailed shot lists and when we start our production day, everything works like clockwork. His crews are always pros who bring their game face and a good attitude. And to top it off, he pays cash at the end of the day. You can't beat that! I will gladly work with Eric any time." - Hilaire Brosio / DP - Cameraman
"Eric and I worked together on several Spanish dubbing projects for Committee for Children. Eric found some great talent for the project and then did some excellent audio production (recording, editing/syncing & mixing). Overall the videos were really well-received and everyone was happy!  I'd work with Eric again in a heartbeat. He makes sure the job gets done well and he goes the extra mile to make sure it's done right. It doesn't get much better than that!" - Jim Garcia / Producer - Director
"When we previewed the finished Infomercial for potential investors in Los Vegas, they were so impressed with the quality of the program, they wrote us a 6 figure check on the spot!." - Jody Aherns, Producer
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