Voiceover - Recording, Editing/Sync. & Mixing​​​​​​​
Health Nuts Media Animated Videos produced for
Long Beach VA Hospital, feat. Dir. Walt Dannenberg.
Pro Tool Session & Mix snaps
"Hey Eric, It was great seeing you this week and working with you again.  Thanks for putting Mr. Dannenberg at ease and walking him through the process". - Tim Jones, CEO - Health Nuts Media
Walt VO Recording Session BTS Photos & Video
2019 Animation Voiceover Dubbing project (English-Spanish) 
for Health Nuts Media by Eric Michael Cap @ GOLD STREET
"It's been a pleasure, as always. Al tells me you've got this down to such a science that it's fun to watch you and your teamwork. Thanks again and look forward to the next one!" - Tim Jones, CEO - Health Nuts Media
"We've worked with Eric and Gloria at Gold Street many times, and I'm always impressed with their energy and professionalism. Whenever we have to translate and dub any of our videos into Spanish, there is no other team I enjoy working with more. From translation to casting to recording and editing, every project flows smoothly and I trust that all of the work is of the highest quality. I cannot recommend them more highly." - Tim Jones, CEO - Health Nuts Media
Spanish Voiceover Recording / Dubbing
2011 Health Nuts Media sessions BTS Video
Animation Dubbing (2012-13): Health Nuts Media 
"Asthma", "Diabetes" & "Common Conditions" Video series. 
Voice Actor Casting (10), Spanish Translations, VO Recording-Dubbing, Editing-Syncing & Mixing in Pro Tools. Additional Translations for DVD Covers, Web video descriptions & Closed Captioning. Additional VO Dubbing in 2013 incl. 3 short videos for ABC's of Health Literacy series and "Don't You Dare Eat That" (4:24) in partnership with Boston Children's Hospital (see above video).
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